Ashanti Dreamweaver

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Personal Interests

My interests (personal and otherwise,) include reading classical and contemporary fiction what that means is I could be reading Tolstoy or Willy Shakespeare one day and Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton or Martin Cruz Smith the next day.  Seriously though, as writing is one of my other interests, I think it is important to read and put something good in the mind/psyche whenever you can.  It helps the creative process in me, as well as giving me ideas for contributing articles to Daniel's Digital Newspaper.  I also have a keen interest in art/design, yoga, health/fitness, writing and cultivating a healthy mind.

Dwight's a great guy, a great thinker but very much the quiet man.  Me, I like to walk on the wild side of life.  I became an Actor and got involved in all things creative because I wanted to express myself and let the world know that I am here, I am out there and I am open for business.  My personal interests and otherwise (to quote Dwight,) really revolves around my life and what I am doing. The Arts is about Life and where that is concerned, I try to live it to the fullest (bank balance allowing).  You can't perform if you are not living and interacting with people and the world around you.  I go into my personal interests in greater detail on the Personal Interests section via my Website:-( The rest of the Website is just as interesting and informative too.

As strongly independent individuals, we also share many things and similar interests.  One thing we most definitely agree on are those symbolisms of Christianity that have either been forgotten or abandon by Christians. One of these symbols is the Pentangle that was a Christian Symbol until abandoned by Christians in the early part of the 20th Century.  The emblem above is the Shield of Sir Gawain, that most noblest and pious of King Arthur's Knights, who according to legend after the demise of Camelot, put away his knighthood and became the monk and hermit, St Govan.  The symbol is our favourite and one we share Gawain through his noble deeds as a Knight and later as Monk demonstrates that those values that shape us never disappear, no matter what life throws at us.