Ashanti Dreamweaver

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About Us

The Team

Dwight D'Aguilar

A published poet, writer, a veteran competitor of many poetry competitions, Dwight has had a chequered but interesting career having worked across many business and commercial sectors. He for a brief spell worked for the British Civil Service (Government,) in addition to later moving on and working in the world of Market Research, Quality Assurance, IT, Data Analysis and a Researcher. Dwight also has a thorough understanding and knowledge of the Charity/non-profit sector having worked over a number of years for various clients as an Independent Contractor.  These days his main focus is on promoting and building awareness for his Magellan-Fifteen20 Initiative (

Dwight entered the Media via work as a Film and Television Supporting Artiste. While he was doing this, he also worked as an Intern at a Film and Television Studio in North London, as a Production Assistant /Researcher, working behind the scenes and the camera. He was once fortunate enough to help out as a Roman Guard on a film trailer the studio was producing in order to raise capital and investment for a full production.

In addition to Magellan-Fifteen20 and other commitments, Dwight also collaborates with Daniel, on several writing projects, which are at the idea and development stages, as well as contributing articles and editorial ideas to Daniel’s Weekly on-line Newspaper ‘Digital World Wide’.

Daniel Jude Gennis

Daniel’s professional experience has included an acting career right across the spectrum of stage, film, television and the corporate world. He has worked on many low budget and major film productions, mainstream television and more recently Off-West End and West End London Theatre productions. His career prior to the above involved fields as diverse as: Market Research; Civil Service; IT and Systems Administration; Local Government; Banking and Finance; Office Administration, not to mention being a PA for time. When "Resting" Daniel writes and freelances as a Social Media Journalist, publishes his own weekly online newspaper 'Digital World Wired' (, as well as being involved with Magellan-Fifteen20 in the role of Creative Director. Daniel is rarely satisfied with anything he does and is always striving to be better in whatever projects he is involved in. Daniel’s ultimate desire would be to be happy and have a life of meaning. However he relates a story a smart man once told him which was: - "To have a life of meaning you are constantly reflecting on the past, analysing the present and trying to predict the future. To be truly happy you have to live in present. Therefore, you cannot have both". Daniel seems to have proved him right thus far. But as Daniel says: -

“Reaching for the stars never hurt anyone and I am still working to attain my heart's desire.”

Sounds like a man with a plan.

Ashanti Dreamweaver: Who Are We And What Are We About?

What are we about?  We are still trying to work that one out.  Seriously though, we are a House of Ideas.  We formed Ashanti Dreamweaver not to be just another company with a structure.  Like an idea we want Ashanti Dreamweaver to be fluid, without mass but flexible to the tide of change and fluid like water.  A tide of water will carve out riverbanks, carve out the insides of mountains, take the form of whatever it flows over or whatever contains it.  So in a nutshell Ashanti Dreamweaver is like water.  We flow, we take whatever shape we need our ideas to take and form something creative out of them.

We should give mention to our 'Stig' or 'Man of Action' behind the scenes is one X.Sydney NG. He shuns the limelight but likes contributing ideas.